Saturday, July 28, 2007

The 7th Circle: Outline

It may be inaccurate to call the 7th Circle a D&D Variant and/or a campaign setting, but that will do for now. The project takes its name from the benevolent transuniversal organization which the PCs work for. You play as a member of an interloper team- professional adventurers who can come from almost any sort of setting or genre, and have had the opportunity to train (and equip) themselves in any other. Cyberpunk, bronze age sword & sorcery, lovecraftian horror- all of these are perfectly acceptable backgrounds to base a character around. An interloper team's greatest asset is the diverse array of experiences and abilities to be found in its members.

The concept for the setting was designed hand-in-hand with concept for the rules, which are intended for more experienced players. The short description is d20 Modern/D&D gestalt. A longer version is that at each level you choose a d20 modern class and a D&D class, then take the best from both (including all class features, so long as they are not identical.) The end result is a system with impressive flexibility; you can actually start with a detailed fluff concept and then still work within those lines to produce a statistically optimized character. If you have no background experience with d20 modern and/or the gestalt variant, that's perfectly acceptable; a decent amount of experience with D&D is enough to make the learning curve quite gentle. I'll be offering more info on character creation and details of the setting in the days to come.

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