Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Trigger Discipline: Alpha Rules

First, just a heads-up: this delay between updates is going to get a little longer before it gets shorter. I've been hunkering down to focus on college work and finals are coming up here. Second, another item from the "I should probably mention this" pile. . .

Trigger Discipline's initial playtest rules are complete. In fact, they've been complete for a few weeks now, I'm about to start updating them to include all the overall elements of the gameplay structure. I've neglected to mention this mostly because I already mentioned this on /tg/ and as as far as I know the extent of people following this game either learned about it through /tg/ or were given the link to this very document and then followed the link to the Chance Deck post at the end. (For you people: The name's an unrelated phrase that wound up being the working name. I'm keeping it because that's the name the existing audience expects, it's memorable and I haven't thought of anything better.)

So yeah. If you were following this game and had no idea these rules were up, sorry- I thought you'd heard.


Anonymous said...

I hadn't seen Trigger Discipline's final alpha version in a while.

A few editing points:

Character Creation-
"They must spend those experience points an extra rank in their mecha and/or plot armor scores at the cost of two points each; the remainder is used to purchase rank 1 disciplines at the cost of 1 point each."

So they only get one point to spend on a discipline? There seems to be something missing between "points" and "an extra rank". I take it players can selectively choose which stats to boost.

Also, is it possible for at character creation to raise a rank higher than a score of 2? I know the answer here, but it should be made clear at the creation segment.

Shifting Scale:

"All dice being rolled during an episode of drigger discipline will be the same category, but what category that is depends on how far the series has advanced. During the premiere episode,"

Something really important seems to be missing here, because this segment of the rules ends right here. Ditto goes for the "GAR Charge" chapter.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Me and my group are using your rules to run a Trigger Discipline game. I had to make a character sheet for it, but I think it worked out alright.

If we run into anything retarded in the rules while playtesting, we'll let you know.

One thing I've come up with so far is rolling to see if you can skill up. Once you succeed with a discipline, you roll the dice in the 'negatives' of the discipline to see if you can spend experience to raise it.

IE, I have the discipline Psychic, and I have a skill of 3 in it. I succeed in a roll with Psychic by rolling a 1, 2, or a 3, and then I roll again. If I roll any number between 10 and 4 on the die, I can skill that discipline up next session. If I roll a 1 to a 3, I can't.

So, you level up the lower-level disciplines faster while keeping players from easily attaining a 10 in a discipline... so that by the 4th session everyone doesn't have a 10 in every discipline by min-maxing their XP.

Just a thought or two.