Saturday, May 23, 2009


This one of those ideas that I've been sitting on for a while now. I'd like to try something along the lines of a certain innovative little story/game that transpired on 4chan's /tg/ sub-board back around the start of the year, called Ruby Quest. Like Ruby Quest, Kingslayers will be a game where a cast of player characters act according to the suggestion of the anonymous members of /tg/'s audience. But naturally, there'll be some wrinkles on the original formula. . .

Kingslayers will be set in D&D's Eberron campaign setting, with a core cast consisting of a 4-person adventuring party. The core plotline of the game will be one of mystery and investigation; Sherlock Holmes on the trail of Dracula as the villian pursues a dastardly plot taking him Around The World in Eighty Days.

The biggest difference between the format of this game and that of Ruby Quest is that I can't draw. At all. I'll be able to provide a variety of reference images, but for the most part we'll be dependent on my ability to set the scene via the written word, god help us all.

The other major difference will be that Kinglsayers is going to incorporate some significant game mechanics. Each of the 4 PCs will have a basic set of stats that read like the cliff notes of a D&D character, except that the numbers will instead be used in a die resolution system adapted from trigger discipline- so the dice will dictate the degree of the character's success as well as the factors that led to said success. The goal here is to keep things interesting. . .

More information to come soon.

Art Credits: Unknown, sadly.

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