Thursday, February 7, 2008

There Is No Spoon: TD-Retake #2

Work continues on this little rpg, which is quickly shaping into something quite entertaining. I'm currently collaborating with one of the original creators, though others may be joining us in the future. Hit the link for a full list of further evolutions to the concept.

-The dies are changed to d10s for longevity. There is also a third die, the Mecha die, whose stat represents the quality of the character's mech. A GAR success trumps a Mecha success trumps a Discipline success.
-Each episode must contain at least 5 scenes. Each non-combat scene costs one budget point to animate under normal standards. Each combat scene costs 2.
-A character's first triple success during an episode earns him one fandom point. If the scene is being produced using QUALITY budget, he earns no fandom points. If the scene is being produced at +1 budget this fandom point can also be recieved after a double success involving GAR. If the scene is being produced at +2 budget he earns an additional fandom point with every triple success made.
-Characters can build up a "GAR charge", up to the limit of their current GAR score. Characters may spend up to three GAR charges before making a roll. One charge lets them reroll a failed discipline roll, two lets them also reroll a failed mecha roll and three lets them also reroll a failed GAR roll.
-Characters must each choose one archetype and one role.
-Archetypes are used to build up GAR charge. To build up one charge an archetype must work to ____ for an entire scene or combat turn.
arrogant: Assert superiority over others.
brainy: Technobabble.
coldblooded: Unnerve others with his emotionless nature.
hotblooded: Clash with authority.
laidback: distinguishes himself from others through laidbackness.
psycho: Unnerve others with his psycho nature.
withdrawn: Refrain from speaking or other forms of socialization.
uncertain: Inner monologue on self.
scheming: Inner monologue on personal machinations.

-Roles provide a character with a free GAR chip once per episode, which may be used on:
dutiful soldier: Anything fulfilling his orders/directions
mentor: Any roll being made by a teammate that falls under one of his disciplines.
mercenary: Anything being done on his own, without any help
renegade: Anything being done in defiance of authority.
rookie: Any skill where someone with more ranks is giving the rookie advice.
specialist: One single skill chosen at character creation.
trusted friend: Anything being done for the sake of someone else on the team.
veteran: Any roll where no one has a higher score in a relevant discipline.


Anonymous said...

You should probably consider taking this to, if only to expose it to a broader audience.

Dagda said...

It's not quite ready for that yet, in my estimation.