Monday, March 31, 2008

Trigger Discipline Retake: Chance Deck

For every episode except the premiere and the finale, the Director must draw a card from the Chance deck and follow its instructions (or if he's not inclned to print out and cut up d20 Rethought's sheets of cards, just roll on a table to determine the draw). Each card represents either an event occurring in the real world or the results of the Director's steadily decreasing sanity. Hit the link for the current list of

Director Madness:
-Director wants to be deep. All characters must recite a quote from a philosopher.
-Director's having a bad breakup. All friendly npcs of a random gender become unreaonable and uncooperative.
-Director relies too much on bad advice: Characters must roll dignity or randomly pick a new archetype.
-Director backlashes against fans: The character(s) with the highest popularity lose half their plot armor.
-Director's been listening to emo music: All characters must roll dignity or count as having the uncertain archetype for the purpose of this episode.
-Director is fed up with these restrictive "laws of physics": Patently ridiculous descriptions of combat actions give you +1 GAR on the roll this episode. Same goes for npcs.
-Director forgets about pacing: Whenever a character builds GAR charge, they must roll dignity. If they fail, they must spend twice as much time charging, dragging one scene/turn out into two and still only recieving one charge for their trouble.
-Director decides to oblige shippers. Characters must roll dignity, starting with the most popular. First two to fail will be depicted in a compromising situation.
-Director has big dreams. All scenes must be at +1 budget minimum until budget runs out.
-Director can't bother to communicate with animators: No scene can have better animation than normal
-Director has great idea for cool style element: Director comes up with signature move, which players can use once per scene as a skill with max ranks.

Real-World Event:
-Animation is left to the interns; the entire episode has QUALITY animation.
-Random character *or* villain gets a kickass theme song, letting them treat a scene as being 1 budget higher than it actually is once an episode.
-Random character becomes subject of internet meme, fanbase goes up by 2.
-Background artist is sick, all scenes taking place in new locations cost an extra 1 budget.
-Toy merchandising deal. Characters get a free chance to upgrade their mech at a discount, but each episode must contain at least one scene featuring the mechs in action at +1 budget.
-Real-world tragedy makes random plot element potentially offensive, said plot element must be dropped or radically altered.
-Production team has massive party, wastes half the budget for next episode.
-Random producer dies, lose 2 budget.
-Product placement. Characters must roll dignity. Anyone who fails must plug a real-world product at some point during the episode, losing 1 GAR but boosting the budget by 1.
-Director gets therapy. Players can spend 2 budget to keep this card, giving them a one-time "get out of director madness free".
-Studio gets warned for inappropriate content. Players who depict actions or use language (OOC) that strays on the edgier side of PG-13 lose 1 plot armor.


Axiomatic said...

Holy wow, Dagda, I didn't know you were working on Trigger Discipline! This is just awesome.

Dagda said...

Yeah, since the start of the year. Click the label if you want more info.

Anonymous said...

Stock Footage! This game needs Stock Footage! Spend 4 budget to create stock footage that can be used in multiple episodes giving scenes +1 budget that use them! Or something like that!

Anonymous said...

So I've basically only read what you've posted here.'

But this seems pretty amazing.

When I have more time to look at/play new games, I'll definitely be giving this one a go.

Dagda said...

Anon the first: You could say that a 1-budget scene could well be using stock footage from a previous 2-budget scene. But yeah, it would be good to do some director madness thing where he forgets that stock footage has any negative aspects or something.

Anon the second: Thanks, glad you like what you see! If you do wind up running a game any and all commentary/observations/feedback would be much appreciated.