Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry- er, Happy Holidays!

The trouble with wanting to post something(s) on Christmas is that it means having to post on Christmas. That plan got thrown off by 5 days spent either at the households of relatives or working 8-hour shifts and then coming home to play host to groups of young cousins. But now, at last, I have access to my computer and the time to use it. . .and I'm leaving to a beach house that probably doesn't have wireless for 4 days in under 24 hours. (sigh)

Anyway, one of goals is done: I've gone over the Portraits section of my image collection, checking for duplicates and renaming all the files whose titles were just strings of numbers. The fully updated and hopefully-more-searchable gallery can still be found here; I'm still working on sprucing up the contents of the other sections.

As for the other project: It's something I swore I'd have done before 2009. With any luck, it'll be done before I have to leave tomorrow morning, to a destination with low odds of having any net connection. We'll see. . .

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