Monday, January 5, 2009

The Kinoko Realm

The Kinoko Realm is an alternate plane of existence separate from our own. It is a fantastic world filled with magic and all manner of strange flora and fauna, at times concentrated to the point where one from the mortal realm would see it as surreal. But the weird and wondrous nature of this land belies the fierce struggles of its inhabitants- Sentient creatures of all shapes and sizes who fight alongside their kind for land, resources, and above all else for the thousandfold grievances borne from centuries of conflict.

The realm's most numerous and prolific denizens have always been the Kinoko People themselves- a race of humanoid fungi. Though quick to panic in tense situations, their strong loyalty to the Kingdom makes them it's most important asset. Still, there are numerous other races to consider...

-The reptillian Testudine clans warred amongst themselves in the Badlands for ages. In this last century, however, a great line of warlords has risen to prominence, conquering and uniting the various clans. On the foundations laid by this lineage, an organized, caste-based society has begun to develop.

-In Kinoko lore the Uragiru are said to have once been Kinoko who betrayed their comrades by siding with the forces of darkness during the Time of Strife. For this, the texts say, they were cursed with verminous bodies to match their inner natures and cast out into the badlands. Today most Uragiru are a part of the Testudine empire, their caste occupying one of the lowest ranks. Many more dwell throughout the world in small numbers, and have a reputation as thieves and vagabonds.

-The mammalian warriors of the Ta-Su isle are strong and agile. With strong legs and weak forelims, they race along the ground in a similar manner to flightless birds- in fact, one in a thousand children is born with feathers and will be hailed as a great leader. The Ta-Su warriors have long been friends of the Kinoko and have proven a vital ally to the Kingdom in times of crisis.

-Humans are one of the rarer races. It is they who rule the Kingdom and have guided its people into an era of prosperity. They are also known as the people of the sky, for on occasion a newborn human child falls from above. All humans are descended from those who arrived in this manner; Kinoko lore teaches that the Tsuru spirits must bear newborn humans through the skies and over the edge at the end of the world, in order to bring them to the world which lies underneath on the opposite side.

-Ghosts in the Kinoko realm are a mystery of their own- though spirits of the dead, they do not belong to any of the known peoples, and usually occupy ruined structures made in styles dating back to the Old Age- rumors say that they were once rulers of a now-forgotten empire laid low by dark magic in the Time of Strife.

Known Art Credits: Image is by Rodney Matthews.


SuperSooga said...

Sounds like a very neat setting. What's notable is that the humans sound very appealing! All too often they get swept into a dull middleground when the rest of the world's races are so exotic.

Very impressed by this blog overall, pouring through the archives bit by bit. You certainly share a lot of my views on game design, look forward to reading more!

Anonymous said...
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Dagda said...

Anonymous breaks the code!

Now I have to decide whether to leave your comment in place or get rid of it so others have to figure it out themselves.

SuperSooga said...

I'll admit it completely flew over my head!