Thursday, February 4, 2010

Divers: Whee, cool fight scenes!

I've been putting together a youtube playlist of various clips illustrating my vision for Divers- the action sequences, the supernatural mechanisms, and the general "feel" of the setting. But mostly the action sequences. I wrote some notes on the different clips, but it looks like it'll be wisest to post them here (rather than cramming them into someplace like the playlist description). I'll likely update this post as I add more videos.

KnK-Fukan Fuukei: It's a nasty spirit who can lure the living to their deaths, then draw in their spirits to serve her.

Hero-Jet Li vs Donnie Yen: Skip the first two minutes and you've a perfect example of Divers facing off using their partially submersed selves.

Bleach-Ichigo vs. Byakuya: 4:15 on is a fantastic illustration of aura powers vs. inner powers. (In this case, the aura in question has very direct combat applications- it manifests as thousands of razor-sharp blade fragments that glow with a shimmering pink light).

Soul Eater-Stein vs Medusa: Feel free to mute the audio and skip a good 45 seconds in. Both characters in this battle have some more unconventional auras with innovative applications- "Vectors" are a touch wackier than what I had in mind for forms your aura could take, but I'd certainly tolerate them if the players were using them this well.

SC-Mugen & Jin vs Kariya: Nicely captures many of the more subdued ways a diver's battles can be larger than life.

Matrix-Neo vs Agent Smith: The closes match here might actually be the environment. Neglected urban locations like rooftops and old subways stations are exactly the feel I have in mind for Divers, though it's purely a matter of taste.

KnK-Araya vs Shiki; Bleach-Ichigo vs. Grimmjow: Since the powers a diver places in a melee weapon are the same ones another diver manifests through their own body, you can get plenty of battles between bare arms and swords like ones at the start of these clips.

Matrix-Neo vs Morpheus: The Depths and the Matrix don't have the same keys to acquiring supernatural power. But Morpheus' point remains a valid one- you have to learn that you're not limited by your fighting ability in the "real world".


Anonymous said...

You're really putting some serious effort into this, aren't you? And let me just say, it's getting quite intresting thanks to that.

Dagda said...

Glad to hear it! It's reassuring to know this isn't just something of personal interest- or at least, that I haven't managed to squeeze out all the interesting parts in my attempt to clearly communicate the details via text. It's happened before (certain early editions of Trigger Discipline being prime examples).