Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kjallak Havengard

Kjallak's my character for a Fantasy Craft game I'm playing in via Skype. The players are all denizens of a group of islands in the middle of this sea that's separating two nations with an ancient rivalry; the premise is that we're going to take a stab at the courier business, running messages and precious cargo back and forth between the two sides by whatever means necessary. We needed a reason for everyone to have gotten together, so I volunteered to make someone who'd be recruiting everyone else at the start of the game.

The island's population is a diverse collection of refugees that sailed from the other side of the world, so all kinds of concepts are possible; Kjallak's background/motivation is that he's emerged as a leader among the 20-odd people that make up the new generation of his clan. Said clan once occupied one of the highest places in a nordic version of imperial china, and his elder's tales of glory have left him confident that his people can attain a similar level of status in this new world. He's forcefully charismatic, and driven by ambition- though he doesn't yet have a long-term goal, beyond the recognition of the Havengard name as a noble title. That's something to figure out as the game goes on.

Kjallak's first level is in Assassin, but from here out I expect to take an even mix of Captain and Courtier levels. His two biggest specialties at this point are Intimidate and Tactics. Hit the link for his full statistics.

Kjallak Havengard (Kee-YAWL-awk HAW-ven-guard)
Ruthless Human Corsair
Assassin 1

Str 8 (1 pt, -1 talent)
Dex 10 (2 pts)
Con 10 (2 pts)
Int 18 (18 pts, +1 talent)
Wis 8 (0 pts)
Cha 15 (11 pts)

3/3 d4 Action Dice, 9/9 Vitality, 10/10 Wounds
Defense 16 (1 base+4 Int+1 Spec), DR 0
Ref +1, Fort +1, Will +0, Init +6 (2 base+4 Int)

+5 Unarmed (+6 vs. Special), 1d6+4, 19-20

+3 Athletics (4) [Origin]
+6 Blend (4)
+6 Bluff (4)
+8 Crafting (Carpentry, Writing) (4)
+6 Disguise (4)
+10 Intimidate, 19-20 (4+2 BSM+2 Orc Armor)
+4 Prestidigitation (4)
+0 Ride (Water Vehicles) (0)
+3 Sense Motive (4)
+4 Sneak (4) [Origin]
+10 Tactics, 19-20 (4+2 BSM)

-Basic Skill Mastery (Officer)
-Martial Arts (Intelligence)

-Always Ready
-Menacing Threat
-Terrifying Look
-Hand of Death (21)

Interests: Languages (Native, Keehorn, Zetra), Studies (Seamanship)
Proficiencies: Unarmed Forte, Cheap Shot [Talent], Mix-Up (Pummel, Threaten)
Panache 5, Prudence 0, Appearance 4 (2 Panache+1 Grooming Case+1 Orc Armor)
10 Reputation, 100 sp stake, 30 coin in hand

Vented Ceremonial Orc Padded Armor (5 cold resist, 4 heat resist, 5.4 lbs) [44s]

Grooming Case (D, 2 lbs) [8s]

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