Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mutants & Masterminds: Final Fantasy 7 Rules

Using Mutants & Masterminds to run a game set in the world of FF7 is fairly simple; you just limit the powers people can select, making them available in several different ways.

All characters can buy ranks in the following powers:
-Leaping (max ranks=1/5 PL, rounding up)
-Luck Control
-Protection [Cannot include the Impervious extra]
-Super Movement [Sure-Footed, Wall Crawling, Wall Run] (Wall Run is from Super Speed and must be taken before Wall Crawling)
-Super Strength (max ranks=1/5 PL, rounding up)

Personal Devices can have the following powers:

Non-personal devices should generally be adapted from the Equipment section rather than being custom-made.

Materia (see next post for full details) can be created using one of the following powers:
-Element Control
-Emotion Control
-Enhanced Ability
-Healing [Cannot include the Resurrection extra]

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