Sunday, May 31, 2009

Avatar RPG: Bending Styles

Here you are, as promised: a full breakdown of the different bending feats available, along with their prequisite skills. Anything with "Style" in the name denotes a 3-feat chain.

-Core Style [Finesse]
-Polar Style [Athletics] (All manner of ice-related moves)
Shifting Moon Style [Dodge] (Lots to do with unbalancing others and pushing them around. Water whip, octopus style, and so on.)
-Foggy Swamp Bending [Stance] (Largely plant manipulation)
-Healing [minor advantage, Awareness]

-Core Style [Stance]
-Dai Li Style [Finesse] (Rock gloves and other moves the Dai Li seemed to specialize in)
-Burrowing Badgermole Style [Sense] (Burrowing, blindsight, and several other techniques Toph used much more than other people.)
-Metalbending [major advantage, Awareness]

-Core Style [Hardiness]
-Blue Fire Style [minor advantage, Acrobatics] (This one might be split, making Blue Fire *just* an advantage and having Azula's array of fairly unique moves just another feat chain)
-Rage Style [Initiative] (Lots of offensive firebending moves, as seen with most fire nation mooks and Zuko in seasons 1 and 2.)
Lightning Bending [Discipline]
-Dancing Dragon Style [Athletics] (A more balanced array of techniques, including some decent defensive maneuvers.)

-Core Style [Dodge]
-Soaring Sky Bison Style [Acrobatics] (mobility-focused moves, including the skills needed to use a glider)
-Hurricane Style [Discipline] (the sort of offensive moves Aang avoided)

Let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

Looks great! I like how it seems that you have a lot of options with styles, even considering all of the bending core sets are different.

It seems like supposedly, you could use any attribute or skill as a base for a bending style: whether it's fire, water, earth, or air only gives cosmetic value.

Dagda said...

I'd actually say the inverse: The skills are giving non-cosmetic flavor to the bending styles. When every Earthbender you meet is very likely to have decent ranks in Stance, that reinforces (heh) their image in the player's mind.