Monday, May 25, 2009

Kingslayers: The Protagonists

Ta-daa! Here's the final results of the Kingslayers character creation thread. Like most of their defining aspects, the portraits were selected from a set of options presented for each character. On the whole, it seems like people's votes gave us a team of seasoned experts with a rather serious bent, rather than, say, a ragtag bunch of misfits. Which is not to say that the game won't have its humorous moments- I suspect that at least one member of the group will turn out to be quite a deadpan snarker. Still, we'll have to see how things go from here. . .assuming, of course, that I can be remotely on-task about this. I'm not going to lie, these personal storytelling projects are always some of the hardest things for me to stay committed to. Still, I'll keep you posted.

Art Credits: From left to right, Honesty Algebra, Makani, Eiji Kaneda, and unknown.

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