Tuesday, August 14, 2007

d20 Modern: Revised Base Classes

*Phew.* This pdf represents a fairly large investment of time and effort on my part. It contains revised versions of the 6 d20 Modern base classes, another part of d20 Modern I felt wasn't interesting enough, featuring changes and additions- each class is now 20 levels and features 6 or more new talents.

Much credit is owed here to the excellent Back to Basics supplement for the equally fantastic Spycraft rpg. If anyone would rather just have a straight pdf or word document rather than having to extract this file from .rar, let me know. The iconic characters featured in the pdf correspond to the 7th Circle, but they can be ignored if you just want to use these for a d20 modern game.


ZombiePanda said...

My only true complaint here is the hitdie's of the classes.

So, lets see:
Strong d8,
Fast d8,
Tough d10,
Smart d6,
Charismatic d6
and d4 for Dedicated..

Why does dedicated hero get analraped? It doesnt seem like he gains any further abilities aside from that +1 to wis every four levels, and every other class gets that boost aswell.

Dagda said...

I can't claim to recall my exact thought process at the time, but let's compare the class to its fellows. Compared to the charismatic hero, the dedicated hero gets a base attack and defense bonus that are a grade higher in exchange for a grade lower hit die and reputation bonus. Everything else is roughly equal; hardly an unfair trade.