Saturday, August 4, 2007

Vrilwar: Mech Concepts

A german anti-armor gun takes hurried aim at a M4 Calliope medium mechanized walker as it attempts to retreat after ambushing their convoy.

Here's a full list of all the various mech ideas I'm working with at this time, each one followed by the faction that it would probably belong to. Some ideas aren't originally mine, don't read this as me taking credit for everything.

* A medium two-legged walker, with good armor, protection (how thoroughly the armor covers the vehicle) and speed but higher center of gravity (So it's at risk of tipping over). Uses two heavy recoilless rifles (a cannon of similar power would just knock it over) and can be upgraded with Heavy MG or MRL battery. [America, see pic #1 above]

* Light "Angetriebene RĂ¼stung", little more than awkward suits of heavy powered armor whose occupants can only manage to walk and aim because they're ubergrenadiers. [Germany, see pic #2, left]

* Medium mech that can quickly burrow into the ground, making itself into a well-armored gun emplacement. [Britain]

* Lean, mean heavy humanoid mech- decent armor, protection and maneuverability plus low profile for size. No massive array of weapons, just single powerful cannon it wield like a rifle. [Japan]

* Medium "Mech Destroyer"- open-topped crew compartment, large cannon, mobile 4-legged chassis. [America, see pic #3]

* Humanoid mech with front MG that can transform into powerful anti-armor gun- waist rotates 90% while legs continue to face forwards, then front leg bends down and mech leans forwards to place arms on the ground like a sprinter ready to race, bringing powerful back-mounted cannon into position. [Germany]

* Squat, rounded light two-legged walker with MG and a few rockets [Russia, see pic #4]

* Light humanoid mech, quite maneuverable but with little armor. Twice the size of a human. [Japan]

* Heavy "Chimney Walker", a massive artillery cannon on four legs that moves with the gun pointed straight up and can quickly deploy to unload on the enemy. [Britain]

* Six-legged "Crab Walker"mech destroyer- MRL battery and heavy cannon, less armor in exchange for higher strafing speeds. [Russia]

* Clunky, heavily armored two-legged walker with low-hung body- very tough target. [Germany, see pic #5]

* Massive "Centipede Walker" that can take up two hexes at a time. Acts as a transport, with side-facing guns along its length. If front passenger sections are clear, can "rear up and fire its front cannons from a height of several stories. [Russia]

* "Mantis" walkers, fast medium mechs with 4 long legs, decent cannon and 2 bladed forelimbs for close combat. [Russia]

* Light scout walkers with two thin, long legs. [America, see pic #6]

* "Valkrie" medium humanoid mech- carries 2 high-powered MGs, has weak armor and large profile but is highly maneuverable. Most importantly, can launch as fighter plane from carrier and then transform after landing. Cannot take off again without special catapult-launch runway. Confident pilots can attempt to transform in midair, deploy a chute, and do a precision landing to get the drop on an enemy. [Japan]

* Generic medium humanoid mech- average armor, speed, maneuverability, etc. Carries decent medium cannnon and sword as well as large shield. [Germany]

* Transforming light wheeled vehicle/medium two-legged walker, medium cannon and MG but poor armor [America, see pic # 7]

* Multi-purpose light Bren Carrier, 4-legged walker that can be equipped with high-caliber mg emplacement or used as transport. [Britain]

* Two-legged Heavy Walker with high center of gravity and massive array of weapons, similar to mechwarrior's Timberwolf [America]


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