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7th Circle: Sample Character #1

The following is a sample 7th Circle character. I'm working on statting out her fellow team members; everyone in the group is ECL 12.

Sarah Aradayon, Female Fire Genasi
LG Swordsage 6/Bloodclaw Master 5/\Strong Hero 3\Martial Artist 8
Non-Core Material: Forgotten Realms, Tome of Battle
Once the heir apparent to a powerful medieval-era desert empire ruled by fire genasi, Sarah had no interest in the stifling, pampered court lifestyle. Disguising herself as a human commoner, the haughty but honorable girl began living a double life away from the palace as an adventurer in the service of the Seventh Order. When her aunt began to abuse the power she wielded as queen, the Seventh Order revealed its secrets to Sarah and asked her to sacrifice her place as queen-in-waiting in order to challenge her aunt's claim to the throne. They expected reluctance if not an outright refusal, but Sarah practically jumped at the opportunity- the offer of a new life as an Interloper was just icing on the cake.

It only takes a minute or two of conversation to see just how poorly cut out the young planetouched woman was for the politics of nobles, even if the nobles in question are all hot-tempered fire genasi themselves. Sarah is often blunt and brutally honest, with a talent for making a terrible first impression and no head for social niceties- though she does have an impressive aptitude for fitting in when she puts her mind to it. Her teammates have little trouble tolerating her rough manner, since they know that underneath is a good-natured young woman who means no offense by her actions and works fiercely to repay her debts (regardless of whether she's paying someone back for good or for ill).

Sarah's main contribution to her team is her proficiency for melee combat- she needs only her bare hands to rip an enemy to apart. Her training in martial arts has focused more on physical techniques than the spiritual discipline that usually accompanies such an advanced level of study. Though she still channels ki to devastating effect, the young fire genasi achieves this end not through inner tranquility but the powerful techniques of the Sublime Way and her own elemental heritage. The end result is a fighting style that, as one teammate puts it, tears into enemies “like a combination dire tiger and fireball spell.”

Str 19 – (16+1 level+2 magic)
Dex 18 – (16+2 magic)
Con 15 – (13+2 magic)
Int 12 – (10+2 race)
Wis 17 – (15+1 level+2 magic)
Cha 6 – (8-2 race)

HD 5d8+5d12+30, Hit Points 85, Massive Damage Threshold 25
Defense 34 (10+8 base+4 dex+3 wis+1 monk+7 armor+1 deflection), Touch 27, Flat 26
Init +6
BAB +11, Grap +15
Speed 40 (light armor, 22/116 lbs)
Fort +9, Ref +13, Will +11 (+3 vs. fire spells and effects)

+16 Melee, Unarmed Strike, 2d6+4, 19-20/x2
+16/16/11/11/6/6 Unarmed Strikes, 2d6+4, 19-20/x2
+14/14/14/9/9/4/4 Flurry of Blows, 2d6+4, 19-20/x2
+15 Ranged

Medium Size, 6'1" tall, 162 lb, 27 yrs old
Blond hair, gold eyes, pale skin

Occupation: Cloistered (Knowledge (Society), Sense Motive, Improved Unarmed Strike)
Complete fluency in Common and Ignan, intermediate fluency in Draconic

+9 Balance (5)
+18 Hide (9+5 enhancement)
+27 Jump (14+4 speed+5 enhancement)
+7 Knowledge (Society) (5+1 occupation)
+18 Move Silently (9+5 enhancement)
+18 Sense Motive (14+1 occupation)
+7 Treat Injury (4)
+13 Tumble (9)
+12 Listen (9)
+3 Spot (0)

-Combat Martial Arts (O)
-Defensive Martial Arts (1)
-Power Attack(S2)
-Cleave (3)
-Elusive Target (M3)
-Advanced Combat Martial Arts(6)
-Unbalance Opponent (M6)
-Tiger Blooded (9)

Fire Genasi Traits
-Control Flame 1/day
-Darkvision 60 ft.
-Native Outsider

Swordsage Abilities
-Martial Maneuvers
-Quick to Act +2
-Discipline Weapon Focus: Tiger Strike
-AC Bonus
-Discipline Insightful Strike: Tiger Claw

Bloodclaw Master Abilities
-Shifting 6/day (6 rounds)
-Claws of the Beast
-Superior Two-Weapon Fighting
-Tiger Claw Synergy (Stance, Strike)
-Low-Light Vision
-Rending Claws

Strong Hero Abilities
-Melee Smash +2

Martial Artist Abilities
-Living Weapon 1d10
-Flying Kick +8
-Iron Fist (One attack)
-Flury of Blows

Maneuvers Known
1st: Blistering Flourish, Charging Minotaur, Counter Charge (Wind Stride), Stone Bones, Sudden Leap
2nd: Baffling Defense (Flashing Sun), Emerald Razor, Mountain Hammer
3rd: Devastating Throw (Fan the Flames), Feigned Opening (Zephyr Dance), Soaring Raptor Strike
4th: Bounding Assault
5th: Soaring Throw (Leaping Flame)
6th: Rabid Bear Strike

Stances Known: Blood In The Water, Leaping Dragon Stance, Stance of Clarity

Special Bonuses
(1st) Jane Doe: Sarah adds her character level to any bluff, disguise and/or hide checks made to pass herself off as a normal, nondescript citizen; though she's no master manipulator, Sarah has a talent for blending in that can be traced back to her childhood adventures disguised as a commoner.
(5th) Twin Disciplines I: Sarah is first and foremost a master of the Tiger Claw discipline, but she must often decide whether to fall back on the calm, controlled fighting style she was formally taught or the blistering speed and fury that is a natural part of her heritage. She cannot simultaneously ready Setting Sun and Desert Wind maneuvers. Every even-numbered level, she may select a Setting Sun maneuver she knows; for each maneuver selected this way, she may as a counterpart learn a free Desert Wind Maneuver of the same level for which she meets all the prerequisites.
(10th) Twin Disciplines II: While mortal bloodclaw masters embrace their inner animals, Sarah's heritage and inner division throws an additional wrinkle in the process. She may use her Shifting ability an additional number of times per day equal to her wisdom modifier, minimum 1. She can either shift in a Setting Sun style (which functions normally) or a Desert Wind style (which provides a +2 bonus to her dexterity instead of her strength). While shifting, she cannot use maneuvers of the opposing discipline but may substitute a maneuver for its counterpart (For example, if she shifts in the Setting Sun style she may not use a readied Leaping Flame maneuver but may expend it to use the Soaring Throw maneuver instead).

Amulet of Constitution +2
Boots of Striding and Springing
Cloak of Charisma +2
Gauntlets of Ogre Strength +2
Headband of Wisdom +2
+3 Mithral Chain Shirt of Shadow and Silent Moves
Monk's Belt
Ring of Protection +1
Ring of Sustenance

Bag of Holding (Type I)
-2 Antitox Injections
-40 Arrows
-Fast-Use Medkit
-Masterwork Composite Longbow
-Piercing Visor
-Grappling Tether
-Portable Glow Lamp

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