Saturday, January 5, 2008

d20 Rethought: Ability Scores

This is the first in a series of theoretical alterations that would bring the existing d20 system more in line with my personal tastes. Think of it as "If I was singlehandedly tasked with creating 4th edition's mechanics."

Two extra pieces of background. First, the separation between physical and mental stats is a *tad* blurrier than in normal d20. For example, reflex saves and initiative checks are dependent on a mental stat.
Second, the next part of this series ties tightly into this one; I'll be going into that in the next post.
Without further ado, here are the 6 tweaked stats:

-Physical coordination
-The ability to move
Grace (Dexterity minus most of the "speed aspect")

-Aerobic Exercise
-Ability to withstand physical pain and fatigue
Stamina (Constitution, virtually unmodified)

-Anaerobic Exercise, raw muscle
-Ability to withstand serious physical injury.
Brawn (Strength with a touch of Con and Dex)

-Capabilities in terms of conscious thought
-Self control and discipline
-Ability to learn and reason

-Mental agility and awareness
-How quickly you think and act
-Ability to cope when face with stressful, difficult situations

-Personal motivation and drive
-Ability to withstand and recover from serious mental trauma

More will be forthcoming on the rest of the system (and how these altered stats fit into it) over the course of the next few posts.

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