Sunday, January 27, 2008

d20 Rethought: Base Bonuses

Late again, guess I've got to keep working on my typing speed. Anyways. . .like Saga Edition's "saves", d20 rethought's four base bonuses (Combat, Will, Fortitude and Reflex) each equal half your character level plus a class bonus that ranges from 0 to +2 (multiclassing means taking the higher class bonus in each case). Each of these bonuses is added to a corresponding defense, which starts at 10. More on the applications of each bonus after the link.

-Your base combat defense uses your Grace score and protects you from attack checks.
-Your base will defense uses your Intellect score and protects you from mental influence and trauma.
-Your base fortitude defense uses your Stamina score and protects you from physical afflictions of all types.
-Your base reflex defense uses your Wits score and protects you from hazards where your only option is to get the hell out of the way.

-Your base reflex bonus also is used for initiative checks, again with Wits.

-Your class combat bonus is added to all Grapple, Guard, Overpower, Trip, and Weapon Group checks.
-Your class will bonus is added to all Presence checks.
-Your class fortitude bonus is added to all Endurance checks.
-Your class reflex bonus is added to all Acrobatics checks.

Neither Brawn nor Spirit are used for any defense- on the other hand, these scores do determine your Wound and Trauma points, respectively. As such, low scores in these areas mean a critical hit is more likely to put you out of the action. I'm deliberately trying to avoid statistics that are easily min-maxed; whatever you put that 8 in, it's going to give you a weakness.


agdaD said...

Hullo. The /tg/ mods are apparently complete faggots, as your thread has mysteriously gone missing.

I approve of a lot of this, though I'd have to sit down with a more complete set of these rules and try out some specific examples to test the game balance.

It also makes me want quite a bit to try designing a new system from the ground up to better suit my personal game goals as DM. My D&D games are such a mish-mash of custom rules these days that I really may as well redesign the whole thing. I'd start right now if 4th ed. weren't impending, though I may well start after 4E is released, depending on how it goes.

The only recommendation that's caught my mind so far is that action point regeneration be per encounter, if it can be drained simply by being shaken. I hope that's what you already intended.

Looking good, though!

Dagda said...

The thread was just old. And action points being drainable by being shaken? You sure you're not confused? All I've mentioned about action points so far is how they can be used to score dramatic successes. At the moment I plan to give the players a number of action points per level equal to 5+their Spirit modifier.

agdad said...

Indeed, good sir, I have misread.

"As for the effects of losing your nerve- this means losing all your acuity points, and perhaps becoming shaken."

Dagda said...

I'm actually about to go back and rename those to resolve points anyway, that strikes me as a better name.