Monday, January 21, 2008

Dark Tide: No Life Kings

I debated how much to reveal here, since No Life Kings are the key part of the overall key themes for this cosmology, and settled on keeping things in-game.
The Nighthunters' records state that there are of four types of undead: Zombies, Revenants (Vrykolakas), Vampire Spawn (Ghul), and True Vampires. The organization has conducted extensive research over the centuries, the better to know the enemy. However, among the most well-versed of scholars there are rumors of one other type of creature- the Upir Likhyi, Incarnations of Hell, Vampire Kings, Lords of Undeath, or as they're most commonly called: No Life Kings. These are the most commonly supported "facts" about these beings:
-They are shapeshifters of the highest order, sometimes said to have a true form that is "the stuff of chaos and nightmares."
-Though sentient they are truly inhuman, possessing none of the residual humanity generally found in revenants and true vampires.
-Likewise, one heavily-investigated text implies that No Life Kings can come from both the living and the undead, so long as they "were a creature of virtuous mind."
-The defining characteristic of No Life Kings is their nature as progenitors- beings to which all other undead may trace their origins.

If No Life Kings exist, then they are extremely few in number. More than any other aspect, the nature of their origin is shrouded in mystery.
Future entries will elaborate on the remaining three types of undead, but before that I'll likely have one other tidbit that delves more into the creation of a No Life King (and by extension, every other type of undead being.)

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